Coffin Carousel (Dark Knight Von Noise)
Photo by Jessica Mad-Dame Illichmann


Within the deepest depths of the southern city Ghoulbourne has been lurking a dark mentor known by the fiend elegance as Howard Von Noise. A virtuous possessor of illuminated necromancy and an eternal deep rooted fiend rhythm protecting the eternal timeline from our new world order of chaotic unfolding littered with the dense plains of the wicked doers and lucid deceivers. Howard Von Noise unleashes his coarse yet melodic vocal bending and lyrical escalation reinforced by a coffin tweaked sludge factory like guitar wall of solid confrontation from the one path one can only know...from within. Howard Von Noise leads the coffin ride rescinding the looking glass to awaken the writhing seeds fated to cleanse the mischievous and rise the legions of the fore coming enlightened carousel of light workers divulging the new world of dread lurking amongst us all...





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